Mose spends much of his time in Guatemala where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here on Lake Atitlan that he founded the weekly SunSet Cacao Dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance in a container of deep intention free of alcohol. Having been nomadic since 2011, he has developed a sound all his own through interaction with cultures from around the world. He finds a way to fuse the organic elements of tribal traditions with modern production techniques in order to create an entrancing journey for both relaxed listeners and those eager to move their bodies.

My Music/Intention

I play organic midtempo/downtempo steady beat music. I like to call it deep tribal. For me, music is an opportunity to journey to deep spaces. Whenever I am producing or playing it is my intention to be taken, to let go into the depths. It is an ongoing practice in opening my channels as well as I can to let something more than myself flow through. The entrancing steady beat of the drum is something that has taken me to beautiful places within myself over and over again and my production process emulates this. I always remind myself that if I don't "get high" from the music I am making, how could I ever expect anyone else to. For me, great music is that which opens these altered states of consciousness without taking any substance at all.

I have spent many days in silent retreat and it has taken a primary role in my own path of self discovery and subsequent expression. I find that by entering into extended periods of silence I can connect deeper with spirit. I work closely with my dreams and incorporate the hermetic qabalistic tree of life as a map. This allows me to refine my ability to listen to a higher guidance in order to deepen my alignment and thus bring about more peace and serenity in my life and consequently in my music. 

Dive deeper into my approach to life and music in this beautiful article I wrote for Face the Current Magazine

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Great music is that which carries the present minded listener to the doorstep of infinity.

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